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Daddy Choi and Kids


Taeyeon made an all-kill it her OSTs and deuts on mel0n real time chart after Hidden Singer, omg congrats♡♡

140920 Red Velvet with TaeTiSeo backstage at Music Core 


thanks for being our 1st visitors you made our day kiddos!!(: 완전 감동감동 TTS hearts RV<3 #redvelvet #레드벨벳 #BOOYA! #뿌염xxx


오늘 #RedVelvet 동생들이 레드벨벳케잌을 들고 아침부터 응원 와줬어요 너무 귀엽고 고마운 동생들💕예쁘다정말! 나도 보라샥으로 염색하고 레드벨벳하고싶었다 #TTS #뿌염친구들 #holler #레드벨벳 #태티서

Today #RedVelvet dongsaengs brought red velvet cakes and came to support us since morning. [They are] dongsaengs that are very cute and whom we are thankful for. They’re really pretty! I also want to dye my hair purple and be a part of Red Velvet #TTS #FriendsWithPrettyDyedHair #holler #RedVelvet #TaeTiSeo


할라!!할라~~할라! 저희 음악 사랑해주시는 많은분들 덕분에 요새 너무 행복하게 활동하고있어요!!^^ 이른 아침부터 응원하러 와준 너무 예쁜 레드벨벳♡감동감동~ㅜㅜ고마워~아그 행복해라~~ Happiness!!

Holler!! Holler~~Holler! As there are so many fans who love our music, we are doing our activities happily!! ^^ Beautiful Red Velvet came so early to cheer for us ♡ touched touched Thank you~ Aigoo so loved ~ㅜㅜ Happiness!!


Dishonored Fancast

The one who walks here is all things. Cradle songs of comfort and bones gnawed by teeth.”

Matthew Bell as the Outsider

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